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Our inner spring mattresses are made by Sleepworld in Johannesburg. We offer 2 types sprung mattresses, either Bonnell spring, or pocket coil.

Legget & Platt inner springs

Why Innersprings?

Because innersprings are made with Active Support Technology® (AST) instead of the passive support of visco foam. Nobody enjoys waking up and having to crawl out of a visco foam body impression. That’s no “comfort layer”! AST allows for a sleep support system that responds dynamically and reacts intelligently to the individual contours of a sleeper’s body.

Innersprings sleep cooler than visco foam.* When you consider that it has been clinically proven that sleeping cooler actually improves quality of sleep, that is a very important fact!

Innersprings don’t break down like other materials. After 50,000 rollator cycles, visco loses 16.3% of its firmness, latex 19.4%, and poly foam an incredible 43.7%. Compare that to one type of Leggett & Platt innerspring system, Softech, which breaks down just 5.4%. It is commonly accepted around the industry that sleepers can actually feel a 5-7% change in firmness, so if you don’t want beds coming back, you should celebrate what innersprings can do for you. We don’t need to remind you, but we will: returns cost you money as well as customer loyalty.

Why Leggett & Platt Innersprings?

Because Legget & Platt control the entire chain of the quality process, starting with selected and recycled steel – which is something NOBODY ELSE can say. Leggett & Platt, melts the scrap down and turns it into rod, draws it into wire, which we then form into a coil, leading to the creation of an entire innerspring unit. Leggett & Platt is able to ensure that the best product gets delivered every single time.

Leggett & Platt holds more patents and spends more money on research and development than any other company in the bedding industry. The results are new, relevant products that help the consumer stay comfortable in bed. Just look at the success of VertiCoil Edge. Legget & Platt invented a new, more efficient innerspring and it took over the bedding industry, becoming the best-selling innerspring system and replacing the industry standard that had been in place for over 100 years. Or consider the fact that Leggett & Platt have a nearly unlimited number of ways to create a Comfort Core (pocket coil)product, which is the leading-edge of today’s fast-growing segment of fabric-encased innersprings. Leggett & Platt are hands-down the market leader in this technology.

Leggett & Platt products are locally manufactured.

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